Supporting the suicide bereaved

Support is always available (01) 492 7576

Recent research has shown and our own experience has validated that the most critical time for the suicide bereaved is in the first 12 to 18 months. 

Our members have found that in the initial stages of a suicide aftermath the mind of the bereaved can become deeply confused  as a result of shock and trauma.

This combined with multiple emotions, such as anger, guilt, grief, shame, stigma and on occasion denial, can create a challenging and demanding time.

Support on a one to one as well as group support is therefore vital during this period.

We are also fully aware of the necessity and the importance of ongoing support for the suicide bereaved.

Our ongoing support groups presently cater to the long term bereaved as well as those in the immediate aftermath. We welcome all over 18 years of age, bereaved by suicide, to our services.

Our Objectives

  • Support services for those affected by suicide          
  • Responding to a suicide death and  the psychological aftermath
  • Resources and information for the suicide bereaved
  • Generating a better awareness and understanding of suicide and its effects on individuals, families and communities
  • To  exchange information with similar support groups nationally and internationally 
  • To support, encourage and carry out research relevant to the needs of the suicide bereaved
  • Providing group support and professional one to one counselling
  • To provide information about other services available  if required
  • To provide facilitator training in order to encourage the establishment of bereavement support services in local communities nationwide