F O S L Bereavement Support Group provides the opportunity for its members to meet and engage with fellow survivors in a warm, safe and comforting environment that is supportive and non-judgemental and the opportunity to participate in group work which international research has shown to be the two most helpful activities for suicide loss survivors.

F O S L facilitates closed and open support groups weekly and monthly with no pressure to fix or find solutions. We are here to support you, the bereaved, for as long as you feel you need support.

F O S L has the capacity to cater for extra support groups when needed and cope with large numbers through diverse group programmes.

F O S L plays an educational role by conducting national and international research with other bodies continuously so as to provide up to date information on the grief process and facts relating to suicide and its effects on families, individuals and society at large.

F O S L accommodates in homogeneous groups members over 18 years of age who are suicide bereaved.

F O S L provides an environment of confidentiality and a safe place to share for its members and the support groups are totally focused on the needs of each individual.