The Road Well-Travelled


The Road Well-Travelled

(By Mary Coyneen)


 We all know of different paths and roads 

 The happy ones

The slippery ones

The one that I know so well

The road of grief, I’ve travelled

many times too many

The happy ones of ups and downs

My husband, my soul mate, my friend —

We travelled together, living life

Sad times and happy times

Then a crossroad —

The one that stops you dead

 in your tracks

 And he was gone

 He could not stay

By far the hardest road to travel

Compared to a car crash

I’ve heard it said

A good description

I was part of the wreckage

 Left alone — to put the pieces back

Left for a while on a roundabout

 Needing help to get off

Ask and you shall receive

 I’ve also heard it said

 And I did

 F.O.S.L put me back on track

Not just friends of suicide loss

 But also lost

That was me

This road is rough

Now and then it changes

Until I began to see beauty again in Life

I could stop and smell the roses

There were times I needed, though tough 

to look back down that road

 The one now well-travelled 

 But I can go on 

There’s more flowers along the way 

 And just like me

 They’re growing



  • Deborah says:

    Mary , what a beautiful poem filled with sadness , happiness and Hope.We shall travel this road together my Friend 💜

  • Aisling Lyons says:

    Well done Mary. Such a heartfelt poem and so true. I feel for you and understand that road of grief but also agree that you are growing like the many flowers that will cross your path. Xxx

  • Vera says:

    Love your poem Mary. It really gives me an understanding of your grief and also your growth. Congrats.

  • Jenny Scanlon says:

    Unbelievable display of grief process and emotion.

  • Vera says:

    Really loved your poem Mary. Fair play to you.💜💜💜

  • Mary Jane says:

    The road is exactly what you said.💜

  • Kevin says:

    So beautiful !!!

  • Nicola says:

    Beautiful poem Mary, reflects the journey so well. ❤ Love the sense of renewed hope in the beauty of the flowers at the end, very inspiring.x.x

  • Annette Covey says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem about the road you are travelling Mary. I love the imagery of the flowers growing along the way with you Mary. 🌸🌺🌹Isn’t it beautiful how many of us have been inspired to write and share poetry through FOSL and peer support? 💜💚

  • Trevor Davenport says:

    I to have trodden that path my beautiful wife Margie died 3 years ago, but I had lost her to Dementia several years before that… That pain in me is as raw as the day she died…
    Some days I love her more than life itself…
    Other days I just hate her for leaving so soon…
    Grief, it seems manifests itself in so many ways, but always with tears at the loss… xx 😥

  • Evelyn says:

    So well written Mary and from the heart. We can all identify with sentiments expressed. A lovely ending to.give us all hope.
    Thank you xx

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